Our Future in our Feet – Paola Biocca Rehabilitation Center



744,795 is the current number of refugees registered in Jordan, among them approximately 655,000 are Syrians followed by 67,000 Iraqis and 15,000 Yemenis.

Our main patients are Syrian refugees, amputated as a result of injuries caused by bullets or mines, vulnerable Jordanians, Yemenis and Iraqi refugees.

Most of the refugees with a disability due to war are young people (under 30), women and children who have lost their lower limbs. Locally, enter the center also victims of accidents, surgical errors and diseases, mainly tumors and diabetes.

Our Project’s Goal

In this situation, our main effort is to keep on reaching the largest number of amputees in need and provide them with full rehabilitation services, medical and psychological support. To do so, we need your help to be able to purchase prosthetic and orthotic devices and carry out our project, ensuring continuity in the assistance of those who turn to our Center.